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Adorable Monkey In Forest Coloring Pages Animals

Is it true that the monkey is a human ancestor?

Apes are one of the many animals mentioned by non-believers as human ancestors, whereas monkeys are monkeys and humans are human beings.

Very Impossible if the monkey is a human ancestor, because if true the monkey is the ancestor of human, then why until now there has been no new human evolution?
Adorable Monkey In Forest Coloring Pages Animals
Why are you still confused by Darwin's theory? Because this theory is only research that is thought by people who do not believe in God's creation, and most animals are only monkeys / monkeys (have 2 legs, 2 hands, nose, mouth, ears, eyes that are almost human-like) The theory that humans come from apes. And more no longer: Monkey / ape can not talk but if it turns into a human being can you say? Where and who started it?

So do not you know about humans created directly by God? (According to religion).

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Human Proof Not Derived from Apes

1. Scientists have discovered human fossils that lived a long time ago. These human fossils show no difference with today's humans. In fact, these fossils live the days that evolutionists claim to have not yet formed humans. If they follow their claims there are only apes of human ancestors at that time.

2. Scientists have found traces of a stone hut. When they calculate the time, they reach the conclusion that the hut is at least 1.5 million years old. That means humans who lived 1.5 million years ago were civilized human beings. They are ordinary human beings today. This evidence makes the claims of evolutionists, such as that humans evolved from apes, first there were primitive humans (half human, half ape), and later evolved into present-day humans, entirely mistaken

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3. One of the oldest fossils found to date is the fossil Son of Tuscany, which is about 1.6 million years old. When the fossil was thoroughly tested, it was discovered that this fossil belonged to a 12-year-old boy, who if grown would be 1.8 m tall. This fossil alone, with its precise resemblance to today's human skeleton, is enough to abort the belief that humans are from apes.

4. Man is the only living being that can walk upright with two legs. Animals such as deer, dogs, and four-legged monkeys, and animals such as snakes, crocodiles and lizards are reptiles. As stated by the theory of evolution, millions of years ago four-legged monkeys changed their way into bending positions. The monkeys kept bending forward until, one day, their way of walking became completely upright. And as a result, the human form is achieved. The claims made by this theory of evolution are not based on any scientific evidence, but on the basis of fiction. Studies by scientists in recent years have proven that evolutionist claims are truly unscientific nonsense!

Research has shown that living things use their energy best by walking on 2 feet or 4 feet.

Living things will spend twice as much energy if they try to walk bowed and different from their natural posture. So why do monkeys spend twice as much energy for thousands of years? Similarly, adult humans are crawling with a full load on his back. Or, will you, though more comfortable walking with your feet, suddenly decide to stand and walk on your palms? Obviously no creature would change the way of walking. Allah Almighty has created every human being with the ability to move in the most pleasing way. In conclusion, the theory of evolution can not answer the question, "Why does a four-legged monkey decide to walk on just two legs?"

5. The biggest difference between apes and humans is that humans have souls while apes are not. Human beings are full of knowledge, thinking, speaking, and convey their thoughts to others with sentences that make sense, they make decisions, they feel, they develop taste, they know art, they paint, they write songs, they sing and they are full of love And moral values. All these features are specific to the human soul. Animals have no soul. The way they hiduap and show affection related to the pattern of his life. There is nothing other than humans who have these unique characteristics.

Allah Almighty only creates such traits for man and not for animals.

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